If you’ve ever wondered what you get when you mix a room full of strangers, an acoustic guitar, a sporadic mind and a night full of laughter, fart jokes and insight, the answer is An Evening With Devin Townsend.

“It’s a cool job that I get to do, where I play in front of a room full of strangers who I would probably hang out with”.

Last night at the York Theatre in Sydney, heavy Devvy was not so heavy, playing an assortment of stripped back acoustic versions of his back catalogue. Along with musical entertainment, the two part show gave the open opportunity for fans to connect directly with question and answers being asked throughout the sets.

The amphitheater roared as the man himself walked onto the stage, took a moment to get his head in the right place, and then dove straight into Ocean Machine hit Funeral, followed by Deadhead which gave continuous goosebumps throughout the entirety of those songs. There was not a dry eye or closed mouth in the room as the passion and love for what Devin creates exuded him throughout the show. The excitement and awe that the atmosphere radiated during Ih- Ah!, Why?, Things Beyond Things and the couple of Strapping Young Lad tracks was phenomenal. There was even a little Baby Shark sample that was quite a hit – especially with the new lyrics “daddy shark, fuck yeah!”. Coast was a personal highlight of the set.

The question part of the show, which Devin expressed that he felt like it was an “Alien Dissertation”,  ensured hilarity with pre written questions from the audience members that included “Do you like Post Malone?”, “Have you ever considered going by the name Kevin?” and “Where is Ziltoid?” One of the more prominent questions being asked was about the cat (fondly called Fuzz Aldrin) used for the Space Cat Empath tee shirt, who is in fact not Devin’s cat. On the more serious side of things, we also got a look into his world as we were told about the experiences and feelings that’s he’s had, through getting older, being married, having kids. Along with the inspiration behind Funeral and how he never really got into Tool. Amongst the things shared we also got to see the latest addition to Devin’s tour soft toy collection – a plush kiwi bird, who sat proudly on the touchpad.

To fans, this show is an amazing experience to be a part of, and for people newly discovering or not even knowing Devvy- shows like these will help you to understand and love who Devin is, and what his music is truly about. The most exciting part is that no two shows will be the same. To not only to hear the rearrangements and sheer awesomeness of Devin’s raw talent and technical abilities, but to have such an intimate involvement with him, to hear his advice, and to hear the songs performed the way they were, was life changing. To also see his impurities was humbling. The struggle to play the fan requested Hide Nowhere and Noisy Pink Bubbles in the second act (possibly due to rushed time restrictions) was mesmerizing to watch, as this is what Devin reminds of us of – we are all human.

If you did miss out on this tour, we did get a little hint that the Empath tour will more than likely be coming to this side of the world very soon!

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