On the Spot – Lingerie Football’s Chairman Mitch Mortaza Exclusive Interview

    The Lingerie Football League is ready to take over Australia in June, and to be ready we had the chance to get in touch with the man behind the LFL, Mr. Mitch Mortaza.

    SR. Where the idea of Lingerie football came from?

    The LFL concept came from the hugely popular annual super bowl halftime television special seen by as many as 65 million people worldwide called ‘lingerie bowl’. we thought if we could capture millions of viewers and blue-chip advertisers with a single once-a-year broadcast with the lingerie bowl, how much more success could we draw with year-round programming leading up to our championship game. In 2009, I formed the concept and launched the lingerie football league (LFL) which has since become the fastest growing sports league in the us with sell-out crowds and record television ratings. 

    SR. How hard was to find female players to join the teams? Did they require any especial conditions to join?

    The LFL has drawn incredible interest in The States, Canada and now Australia from prospective athletes. Open tryouts have drawn as many as 800 hopefuls fighting for the opportunity to make the final team roster of only 20 players. 

    SR. What is your opinion of our Australian representative Chloe Butler? Are you planning to get more Aussie players in the future?

    Chloe has been an incredible ambassador of LFL football in Australia. However, Chloe is not simply a spokesperson; she has actually become one of the game’s best defensive players and a true all-star. 

    SR. Will the games in Australia include any special rules different from the footy we know?

    We will bring the same gridiron rules from the US to Australia. 

    SR. Why Australian Footy fans should embrace the Lingerie Football League?

    Australian footy fans will embrace LFL football because it has the same intensity and raw aggression of footy. Not to mention similar passionate athletes. 

    SR. What would you say to all the women who are against this league because they think it’s an exploitation of girls for male entertainment?

    While we respect their opinion, unfortunately their opinion is being developed prior to them watching LFL football or knowing its athletes. Simply put, they are judging the book by the cover instead of its substance. 

    SR. Just to finish. What do you know about Australian Football? Would you like to invite any Australian footy star to the games or are you planning to meet any of them?

    Yes, I attended by first footy game last month during my press tour and I can honestly say that I am a fan. Love the intensity, athleticism and the tough attitude of its athletes.

    2012 LFL All-Star Game Tour Australia

    Saturday, 9 June 2012
    Allphones Arena – Sydney Olympic Park

    Saturday, 2 June, 2012
    Brisbane Entertainment Centre

    Tickets via Ticketek – www.ticketek.com.au