Last Week to See Youth Culture Exhibition

    It’s the last week to see the Western Sydney youth culture exhibition, The List, at Campbelltown Arts Centre, which closes on 12 October.

    The exhibition unites artist utilising a series of mediums to create breathtaking works of art. Among the exhibition highlights, works include a large scale graphic mural that explores teenage identity and history by Uji Handoko Eko Saputro.

    Over the last few years, video has become a more prevalent medium for expressing ones self and has been represented well at the exhibition through works by Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, that depicts students performing choreographed aerial and acrobatic moves in darkness while dressed in medieval inspired costumes. Also utilising video is Shaun Gladwell, whose film is staged at Campbelltown Skate Park, and revisits a reconnaissance tactic he witnessed in Afghanistan.

    The works on show are both powerful and inspiring, and something not to be missed.

    Other artists on display include: Abdul Abdullah & Abdul Rahman Abdullah, Zanny Begg, Kate Blackmore, Shaun Gladwell, Michaela Gleave, Robin Hungerford, Uji Handoko Eko Saputro, George Tillanakis, Pilar Mata Dupont, Daniel McKewen, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd and Tom Polo.

    Photo credit: Kate Blackmore