Kratos Rises! – ‘God of War Ascension’ Video Game Review

The Gods are in danger as Kratos rises again in a new epic adventure, tracing the origins of the God of War and his attack on Ares, Zeus and the Olympus itself ten years ago.

God of War Ascension image1PlayStation’s beloved franchise God of War returns with God of War Ascension, a game that doesn`t let any fans down, as it keeps the classic features but with improved graphics and mythological characters such as giants and gods that will delight the die-hard gamers.

The game also brings back RPG features where you must solve puzzles to proceed and the ability to improve your weapons and powers to defeat your enemies. Plus if you like gore, this game is definitely one of the bloodiest in the franchise where you will see more detail.

God of War Ascension image2There are some very familiar scenes to link this prequel to the entire franchise. The story is a bit confusing in the beginning but it will shock you when the real plot starts to unfold.

The best addition to the game is the multiplayer mode which includes four game modes: Champion of the Gods, Favor of the Gods , Trial of the Gods and our favourite, Capture the Flag. Trust us, it’s tonnes of fun!

Overall, God of War Ascension is another triumph of the franchise and a must own for all the fans!


God of War Ascension is out now in Australia