‘Junji Ito’ Collection Review

Thanks to Madman we watched the horror anthology ‘Junji Ito’ collection in high-quality Blu-ray.

Based on the works of legendary Japanese horror mangaka Junji Ito, the collection is a tribute to Ito’s most iconic works, including Souichi’s Convenient Curse, Honored Ancestors, Window Next Door and of course Tomie among others, with the latter included as a two-part OVA.

Studio Deen’s animation keeps the look and feel of Ito’s mangas, making every episode feel like a dark, twisted piece of illustrated art and, of course, pale characters with a fair amount of “hair”.

As with every collection of short stories, some are better than others and at moments it becomes quite tiresome to watch too many in one go, especially if you’re not really familiar with Ito’s work.

Overall, the ‘Junji Ito’ collection is a must-see for horror anime and manga fans. However, it will hardly scare you as much as a live-action Japanese horror flicks like Ju-On, Ringu or One Miss Call. Get your copy here.