Introducing: Louis Berry

Meet the “very lonely rebel with a very revolutionary mind” (according to his Bandcamp page), whose name is Louis Berry, which is a name that you will want to remember. From the first moment you listen to the young Liverpool native, he will have had a lasting impression on you with a voice that is striking and powerful. Berry’s songs explores his real life experiences from drug addiction within his family, financial hardships to ‘people getting shot, people dying’.

What makes Louis Berry so interesting is that his sound is quite hard to pinpoint. His new single ‘Restless‘ gives off Mumford and Sons vibes while his previous track ‘Nicole‘ has a very Jet sounding guitar heavy melody. Putting Mumford and Sons and Jet in the same sentence to describe seems quite bizarre (in a good way) and that was makes Louis Berry so great, is that there is only one of him and no matter how hard I try he is hard to compare but to put it simply it is a contemporary take on Rock N Roll.

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