Interview with Steve-O about his “Guilty as Charged”-Tour

Steve-O Guilty as Charged Australia
Steve-O Guilty as Charged Australia

Jackass-star Steve-O is coming back to Australia! After the success of his 2011 “Entirely Too Much Information”-Tour, the notorious crazyman who knows no fear or shame is now taking his “Guilty as Charged”-Tour to Australian shores. We got to speak to the “Professional Idiot” himself about what to expect from his upcoming performances.

Steve-O Guilty as Charged AustraliaHow is your new “Guilty as charged”-Tour going to be different from your previous one, the “Entirely Too Much Information”-Tour?
I’d say my last tour was really about trying to hump as many girls as I could and about being promiscuous. I was not a particularly good person. Since then I’ve had a lot of development in my personal life, I’m getting kinda older and I’ve aged since I last was in Australia. I’m kinda concerned now that my promiscuous bachelor lifestyle has made it somehow impossible for me to be in a healthy relationship with one woman, so I decided I’m going to change my ways.

In short I’ve determined that I’m a sex addict and I’ve been working really hard to address that situation and to make it possible to be in a healthy relationship and have a life partner. That is the theme for my new show – I’ve become a reformed douchebag and male whore. There’s a lot of material coming out of the depths that I sunk to during my sex addiction, and while it’s horrifying it’s also fucking hilarious at the same time. The new lows that I sunk to, the juxtaposition of a guy like me trying to not masturbate for instance.

That sounds quite self-reflective and almost serious coming from you?
Yeah dude, my struggles in growing up and trying to become an adult are at the core of my new show. I also feel like I’ve grown a lot in my comedy where it doesn’t have to be about me all the time; The work I’m doing with the crowd has really grown and developed and become good.

I do expect there will still be some stunts?
Of course man, it is a comedy show but it’s also a Steve O-show!  You can count on me doing some physical stuff. I’m not going to waste anyone’s time, I’m gonna put on a great show and I can’t wait!

steve-o-interviewThe stuff you do in Jackass is shocking but at least it’s TV so you have some time to recover, the stuff you do on stage however you do every night, aren’t you covered in scars and sores by the end of a tour?
Historically I have, yes, but more recently I figured out a program of comedy & stunts that’s more repeatable. It’s not by any means less entertaining, it’s just more circussy; more impressive stuff than self-destructive stuff I’d say.

How do you handle the pain when you pull of a crazy stunt?
I am such an attention whore at my core, I have such an overdeveloped need for the approval and attention of others that I don’t mind going through terrible pain, as long as I feel it’s bringing the attention I crave. Pain is a small sacrifice for the affection and attention of others.

You are a vegan now, and not just for compassionate reasons but also for health reasons. So you reckon eating meat is more hazardous to your health than stapling your balls to your legs?
I would say so , sure! Stapling my balls to my leg is just a good way to keep my immune system on its toes, your immune system is a muscle and you always want to keep it working.

Steve-O 2smallThere are a lot of juicy rumours going around about you on the net, I’m not sure if you cover all of these in your autobiography Professional Idiot, but is it cool if we run past some with you to see what is truth and what is fiction?
First of all, is it true you were married or engaged to a Playboy playmate for a while around 2003 or 2004?
No, I was never married or engaged to a Playboy centrefold. I did briefly date a Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition model around that time, she also did stuff for Victoria’s Secret.

Is it true you dated George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend Elisabetta Cannalis? If so, how did the wildest craziest guy in Hollywood end up with the ex of the most refined male style icon out there today? You guys couldn’t be more different!
I know! Yes that’s true and that made quite the news for a minute there. I don’t know much about George Clooney but I just know Elisabetta is an absolute sweetheart.

A rumour that is definitely not true but keeps popping up is the Steve-O Death hoax.Why do you think there are more celebrity death hoaxes around you than around any other person?steve-0-sydney-2011
They don’t have them anymore but they used to have celebrity death pools, where people would put together a list of celebs that they thought were going to die in the next year. I was a pretty popular pick on a lot of people’s celebrity death pools. I screwed a lot of people over since I made them lose you know! I am just surprised that the rumour keeps popping up.

Your pal Johnny Knoxville has sort of made it as a “serious” actor, would you aspire a career like that or you prefer to stick with stand up?
At the start of my career I was not terribly open-minded to the idea of acting, but as I have grown up & matured and become more open-minded I have also become more comfortable on camera. I actually have a film coming out in the near future called ‘Barely Lethal’ where you’ll see me act with Samuel L. Jackson, that’s pretty exciting!

Your autobiography Professional Idiot was very candid, do you reckon that’ll be made into a movie some day?
It would seem pointless when so much of my story is already on video, I taped so much of my life. Then again, the’ 127 Hours’-guy taped everything and they still made a movie about him, so who knows? I like to think that before my life is over they will make a movie about me. Because I’m just warming up!

steve-O-dinner-bannerLast time you were here you invited your fans over for dinner, are you going to do something similar this time?
Good Question! I haven’t been doing as much of that, my online presence has grown pretty significantly since then, so the turnouts would be a little bit more unmanageable. Although that makes it more tempting as well… I don’t want to promise anything since I’d then have to commit myself to it, but I have to say that, since you asked me, I do feel concernedly tempted to do it again.

Ever seen “Lameass”, the Jackass-spoof by the Australian comedians the Chasers, with guys not doing stunts at all?
I don’t think I haven’t seen that particular one but it’s a concept I’m familiar with. If the particular execution is the same I don’t know, it’s more of a one-off bit for a late night talkshow or something.

Has there ever been a stunt that really went horribly wrong?
Yeah, there was the time when I landed on my face on concrete off a second floor balcony. I broke my cheek bone & seven teeth, I had ten stitches in my chin, a concussion and a broken wrist. I’d say that went pretty damn wrong. For what it was that couldn’t have gone any better either, it was a big notch in my belt. The fact that I broke that much shit in one fall off a balcony is something that I’m fiercely proud of!


Wednesday 30 July Eatons Hill. Brisbane
Thursday 31 July Athenaeum. Melbourne
Friday 1 August  The Gov. Adelaide
Saturday 2 August Roundhouse. Sydney
Sunday 3 August Astor. Perth