Interview: Ross Jennings & Richard Henshall of Haken

by Jonathan Matthews

This time we are lucky enough to interview both the vocalist (Ross Jennings) and the super talented multi-instrumentalist and musical wizard who goes by the name of Richard Henshall. Both are from the progressive rock band HAKEN who are going to be kicking off their tour here in Australia in June, to promote their new songs from the groups most recent album, and their fifth release to date, the highly praised VECTOR. HAKEN will be embarking on their AUSTRALASIAN VECTOR STUDIES tour which includes a brief stopover and performance in the land of the long white cloud: New Zealand. We discuss what else the guys have been up to in their musical travels across the globe and also get some behind the scenes information on the production of their most recent music videos to date.

Hey, great to have the two of you here for a chat, so you’ve got the upcoming tour of Australia coming up in June. You guys are coming here all the way from the UK, are you going to mostly be playing new songs from your most recent album VECTOR which was released back in August of last year?

Indeed we do! We’re looking forward to the tour for sure and yes! We will be playing a bunch of tracks from VECTOR and possibly a few old fan favorites as well, it’s going to be good, it’s been a couple of years now since we’ve been there. So it will be nice to come back there with some new songs under our belt!

When is your next album going to be coming out?

Well, we have no idea really at the moment for the next album, but we’re going to try and start writing soon. We haven’t really got anything planned for a release date for the next one at the moment.

What are you guys up to at the moment?

We’ve just got back from quite a long European tour, so we’re kind of in an interim period for a couple of months for now and then we’re going back to the drawing board, there’s some new ideas bubbling up already, so I can assure you we’ll be using this time wisely and you should all look forward to things to come from us too.

Tell us about your choice of name for this tour which is “Australasian Vector Studies 2019

So we’ve been running with this theme, this entomology theme for the last few tours, it started with the entomology tour of the USA, in North America to be exact, we kind of ran with that initial idea through the next following tours, it’s a concept and it’s loosely based around our theme and fascination with cockroaches and whatnot, so that’s kind of the idea with the ‘Vector Studies’ title and tying it all into our album concept, Australasian being added for the reason of course being that we are doing a New Zealand tour date as well, obviously.

Have you guys been to New Zealand before?

Only with The Shattered Fortress, so this will be our first time there as HAKEN to be playing in New Zealand.

Tell us a bit about your music videos you have released for the songs ‘THE GOOD DOCTOR’ and ‘A CELL DIVIDES’ they’re pretty intricate music videos you have I must say…

Yeah, during their production we had a great time, for a few days we went to a studio and filmed them, they were probably the most intense video sessions we have ever done together, it was a lot of fun. The guy who made them was named Stuart White and he had a whole bunch of really interesting ideas when it came to filming musical instruments in particular, he had a lot of slow motion stuff in place and in combination with the use of some cool lenses against even cooler lighting effects. ‘A Cell Divides’ film set was one of the hottest environments we’ve ever been in, and we’ve been in quite a few saunas in our times on tour trust me… It was good fun though, but just as much as it was intense, because there was so much to do, in the past we’ve done music videos, but never on that level, we had to do 12 hour days of constant filming in a damn hot environment and while it was so fun, it was just so hot, because of the lights beaming at all times which were behind us creating a silhouette effect particularly for ‘A Cell Divides’, that one was at what almost felt like the temperature of the sun, it was crazy hot. You guys in Australia would probably be used to that kind of heat though compared to those of us from colder climates. We’re just not used to it.

What messages do you have for your fans here in Australia who are looking forward to catching you here on tour in June?

Well hopefully we will see you all at the shows coming up and we are looking forward to playing a bunch of tracks from Vector as well as other fan favorites too so we’re looking forward to seeing you all then!

Don’t miss out on seeing Haken on their Australasian Vector Studies tour this June! They will be finally performing some of their most recent works to us here in Australia.