Interview: Michael Eklund Talks Wynona Earp & More!

Famous for his roles in fan-favorite series Altered Carbon and Wynonna Earp and numerous films such as Nurse 3D and The Call alongside Halle Berry, Canadian actor Michael Eklund is known for disappearing into every role and radically transforming his look for each new character.

Thanks to Oz-Comic Con, we had the chance to have a quick chat with Mr.Eklund ahead of the Brisbane and Sydney conventions, in order to find out more about his love for fans, favourite roles and much more.

SR. Your fans truly love you, and you seem always super keen to talk to them. Just wondering what’s the most common questions fans normally ask you?

ME. There are so many…Normally is about the newest season of Wynonna Earp, some of them want some small hints about if my character Bobo is dead or not, while others want to know if  there is any plans to to a sequel of The Call.

SR. What can you share with us about your first day on the Wynonna Earp set?

ME. I had a scene with Tim Rozon, who plays Doc Holliday, and it was really good, as we kick in quite fast. You know in your first day you normally are not sure of what to do really, but with Tim was fun and he was super helpful as well.

Today, I like to look back, and see how much the character of Bobo changed from the first season to the last episode.

SR. In the Altered Carbon universe, characters who die, might come back. Will Dimi return eventually?

ME. Well, he got decapitated, so it’s hard, but as you said, it’s a sci-fi, so you never know, I’d love to return and cause more troubles.

SR. You also had a small role in Gotham. How was the experience of being part of the Batman Universe for a few minutes?

ME. I loved it, it ws a small role, and I got killed pretty quick, but sharing the screen with Jada Pinkett Smith, which was awesome. Also shooting in New York is always great.

SR. You have done a lot of genre films, and one particularly interesting and very underrated was Nurse 3D.

ME. Yes, I enjoyed that a lot, I got into the film because I worked with the director Douglas Aarniokoski before, and I was looking for any chance to work with him, so Nurse 3D came up and i could not say no.

I think is a fun film, very different, and despite the “3D” label, that was very common at that time, people seemed to embrace it very well.

“…IT’S cool to see other actors around that you look up to, but nothing compares to meeting your fans…”

SR. As an actor, what elements of a script help you to decide what projects to take on board or not?

ME. It’s all about the story, the story must be interesting…Then what drags me is what I can bring to that story as a character.

Then you have the director and your fellow cast members, as you want to work with great people, as you will be spending a lot of time with them.

Finally, an d this is a more personal thing, if the character is physically challenged, is better, I just love that, doing some action is always so cool.

SR. What genre would you like to explore next?

ME. Definitely comedy, I’d love to do a Rom-com or something like that, just for fun.

SR. Finally, What is the best of being part of pop-culture conventions like Oz Comic-Con?

ME. The fans, always the fans, these type of events are for them, not for us. I love putting a face on the people who writes to me, tweets me, etc. It’s cool to see other actors around that you look up to, but nothing compares to meeting your fans.

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