Interview: Max Cavalera Talks New Band Go Ahead And Die

After surprising fans with the recent release of Killer Be Killed‘s second impressive album “Reluctant Hero“, heavy metal legend Max Cavalera has teamed-up with his son Igor to unveil their new band Go Ahead And Die.

To find out more about this new project, we had the chance to catch up with Max Cavalera once again. During our chat Max spoke about going back to his roots to create a brutal, raw, old-school metal sound, working alongside his son Igor Cavalera and more.

SR. You recently released Killer Be Killed’s second album, and almost immediately you surprised metal fans with the news about this new band alongside your son Igor. Not even a world-wide pandemic seems to be able to stop you!

MC. (Laughs) I like to keep busy. It has been a fun ride as I started on Reluctant Hero before the pandemic and Go Ahead and Die started at the beginning of the pandemic, right after I was done with Killer Be Killed.

The funny thing is because of the pandemic, we had no pressure from anyone to meet a deadline, so I had time to going back to my musical roots, to a more extreme metal type of music, aggressive, raw, pretty much “cave-man” metal.

Killer Be Killed is more melodic metal if you can call it like that, while Go ahead and Die is more brutal.

SR. We can only assume working directly with your son made this ride even more special.

MC. Yes! working with my son was a dream of mine. It was so cool, we spent a lot of time together hanging out, watching movies, talking metal.

It was also so liberating to do a record with him that doesn’t sound digital. We wanted the album to be more imperfect, so we spent a lot of time working on imperfections.

Igor also had a lot of ideas, and looking at him discovering his passion of music was fulfilling. He reminded me how I was when I was young, he was super focus, and watching him was inspirational and made me want to do better too.

SR. The cover of the album itself also reflect what you are saying. It looks old-school and kind of punk rock. What is the meaning behind the artwork?

MC. We wanted it to feel like an old cover of a comic book, with a riot, because we wanted to show what is going on in the world currently, that’s why we also made it black and white.

Also Jeff Walker of Carcass designed our logo. The design inside the album was made like FBI files, to make it even more nostalgic and take us when metal was about rawness, you know to the beginning of the metal roots.

SR. One of the songs that really sticks for us is the last track on the album “Road Kill”. What can you tell us about that specific song?

MC. I think is the kind of song where the riff stays with you. The lyrics tried to portrait the mental state of a homeless person, when you feel like you failed in life and you are begging for money, like it happens to many war veterans sadly.

It is a subject that is not really touched much in music, that’s why the lyrics video shows statistics of homeless mixed with old-school metal screaming.

SR. You always have been known for being an “explorer of new sounds”, getting inspiration from tribes around the world. However, as you already mentioned this time you went full old-school. Was this something you had in mind for a while or came up naturally?

MC. I was looking for an excuse to go back in time to be honest, and I’m glad I was able to do it alongside my son Igor. I’m digging the old-school sound, because we are not trying to show up or brag about anything, we are just enjoying ourselves and it is so fulfilling.

It is like going back to when I just started my career in music, it is like riding a bike, you never forget how extreme metal feels, it is nostalgic. I love the simplicity of this barbaric rock and the rawness of this.

You could say the whole album is a tribute to an era, to metal and hardcore, and the best thing was nobody knew we were doing this, so we had no pressure from labels to release tracks or do changes.

SR. Just to finish. How did you get Zach Coleman on board to play the drums?

MC. I knew Zach from Black Curse, which is almost impossible to listen for some people. Even my friends say to me “WTF are you listening to” (Laughs).

Zach is phenomenal, he knows a lot of underground metal, and was keen on joining. He was the nicest to work with too. He never stopped hitting those drums hard, even when we challenged him, he nailed it.

Album Out June 11th

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