Interview: Jahred Gomes of HED (P.E.) Talks Oz Tour & New Album

By Jonathan Matthews

We had the chance to interview the charismatic lead singer, front man and rapper Jahred Gomes of G Punk (a fusion of punk, rock and gangster rap) pioneers HED PE (Higher Education Planet Earth) ahead of the unique bands tour for which they are coming to visit us in Australia coming all the way from California this week to deliver us an assortment of smash hits new and old from there impressive discography of hits of their own style and most importantly including hits from their new album STAMPEDE which has just been released and is available through all major music sources worldwide.

SR. Tell us a bit about the last time you were in Australia?

It wasn’t that long ago we were in Australia. It was actually quite unexpected because we were in New Zealand playing a festival with Sublime, Limp Bizkit and I don’t know who else. It was fun, then they attached Australia to it I think that was like a year ago but this one worked out really great because our new record Stampede comes out in Australia 5 days before we get there (June 21st) so this sh*t lined up perfectly.

SR. Tell us a bit about STAMPEDE which has just come out, tell us about the differences in this album compared to your previous albums.

It was produced using the first Macbook I have ever owned. Every record before that I had done on like some ghetto a$s old PC so I finally bought a Macbook like 2 years ago and then that’s when I started building this record, now this record I think people are gonna love it, the first track come out ‘CAN I ROCK’, people are already saying that’s fire this record has the most 808 if I do say so myself, you know of course it has the rock element, but the beats are always good, I’m excited for you all to hear it.

SR. You’ve introduced some new little quirks production wise due to this MacBook by the sound of it.

I’m always evolving, so it’s like I’m trying to create pathways in my brain so I’m trying to learn new sh*t so you know if there’s a new way that rap is evolving or music is evolving I wanna learn how to f*cking do that that’s why on the mac I’ve learnt how to do all the tricks in the creative process at the end of the day it’s all about song writing but you know, to create the vibes you gotta get the knowledge, so I got that knowledge to deliver that message and that message is a positive one about taking charge of your own life and confronting your own demons, if that’s what you feel like doing.

SR. Are you the main producer on this record with your band?

I’m definitely the conductor, overseeing this shit from the first f*cking kick drum to the last little whatever, like, I am there from the beginning to the end I am the alpha and omega the guy responsible for what you are gonna hear at the end of the day that is a responsibility I take upon myself and I take that gladly because this is my life.

SR. I did want to ask you what sort of changes to sound have occurred due to recent lineup changes, has a change in band members affected the sound overall at all?

That’s a great f*cking question, let me tell you something uh, it’s kind of been magical when different guys come through and leave some of their vibes behind, right now though the new guitar player is really into hip hop, he’s a rapper on his own right, the last guy was like more of a Dimebag Darrel guy right, this guy is more hip hop, so it’s been great and so this record has a really sweet vibe to it you know that the youth are really gonna vibe out to, so that’s what’s cool, obviously my drummer, you know, when you’re in my band, when you’re in HED PE you’re playing reggae, you’re playing dub, you’re playing hardcore punk ,you’re playing heavy metal, you know whatever but you have to be good at all those flavours, so umm that’s how we throw our party right coz we’re gonna throw a party that switches it up and you know goes to all those places and does it in a good way you know and not in a corny way, anyway so the reason I said that is because the players always have to come up to a certain standard and have to be versatile, having said that right now the lineup is not just versatile, but flavourful, you know just like nice, like it throws it down in a way that is nice.

SR. Are you going to be playing a good mix of songs new and old?

We’re going to play all the old hits, I have ten fucking records and we’re gonna play all the new hits, everyone’s gonna hear the sh*t they wanna hear too.

Don’t miss Hed P.E. performing hits new and old and of course some songs off the new album STAMPEDE which has just been released and incorporates some banging fresh sounds in the mix!

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