Interview: Entombed A.D.’s LG Petrov

    2014’s Back to the Front heralded the official birth of the LG Petrov-led Entombed A.D. following the dissolution of the original Entombed line-up. Last year saw the release of the band’s sophomore effort, Dead Dawn, which features the classic Swedeath Entombed sound with a punk edge, sharp thrash riffs, and meaty grooves. Currently touring in Europe, the band are set to play the Hammersonic Festival in Jakarta on May 7th before kicking off their Australian tour in Brisbane on May 9th. It’s been well over a decade since the band has played on Aussie soil and these shows are not to be missed. Thanks to our good friend, John Howarth of Nuclear Blast, we had an opportunity to chat with LG about the upcoming tour. 


    SR: You’re heading down our way next month to play a set of dates. You haven’t been here for quite some time. How does it feel to be coming back after such an absence?

    LG: Great! It’s been a long time. Too long. We’re really looking forward to it and I can’t understand why we haven’t been there more frequently, but hopefully we’ll do that from now on.
    SR: You must’ve been inundated by requests from your Aussie fans to tour, over the years. What made this feel like the right time to head down?

    LG: We were looking for a promoter to book us down there. It didn’t happen for a while, but finally we found one and it went really smoothly. So we’re happy about that. We have a festival in Indonesia two days before the Australian tour, so we’re going to do the trip while we’re in the neighbourhood. If it works out well, we’ll do a collaboration with the same people that did it this time around – Hardline Media. It’s going to be nice.

    SR: Speaking of festivals, you guys have been headliners for years. What are some of your favourite festivals and who are some bands you like to catch up with on tour?

    LG: Ooh, there’s a lot of bands we like (laughs), both musically and to hang out with and have drinks with. We have a festival called Hellfest in France. It’s a really good one with a good line-up. Smaller festivals can be nice, too, when they’re small and cosy. Festivals are always good. You meet a lot of different bands and that can be from our old friends in Saxon to the Swedes in Marduk. We always have a good time when we meet. And also, at festivals you play a shorter set in front of more people, so it’s nice (laughs). We’re really, really looking forward to these summer festivals, and Australia, of course. It’s going to be nice.

    SR: Last year’s Dead Dawn had your trademark sound, with a bit of a punk edge and, as always, preserved that groove that runs through much of your work. Who were your musical inspirations when you were initially putting your sound together?  

    LG: Oh, it can be anything I think. Bands feed off each other. I mean, from the early punk days to Slayer and Motörhead…I mean, influences come from every corner of the musical spectra (laughs). I mean, you can do a song and then, when it’s finished, go, ‘Oh, holy crap! This sounds completely like Slayer!’ (Laughs). But then it’s like, ‘It’s okay’ (laughs). And it’s the same when people are inspired by us. It’s good, you know? It makes you happy when people are actually inspired by you. It’s all good.

    SR: Well, people refer to you as a living legend. How does it feel to receive that sort of adulation?

    LG: (Laughs) It makes us feel olllld. But no, it’s better than anything else. It puts a smile on your face and just inspires us to play more. Some people say, ‘Oh, you should grow up. You’re too old for that’, but I mean metal is a way of life. It’s the path we’ve chosen and we don’t have to be ashamed of that.

    SR: No way. It keeps you young, too, I imagine.

    LG: Yeah, exactly. It keeps the mind and body fresh (laughs).

    SR: And speaking of keeping things fresh, you’re famous for your death metal vocals, and most notably your death growls. How punishing is a tour cycle on your voice? Do you do anything to prepare beforehand?

    LG: Actually, I used to get a sore throat before; but, nowadays after 20 years, I’ve learned to preserve the voice to get as much sound with less air which is comfortable for the throat. So nowadays, I don’t get the sore throat anymore. I didn’t go to vocal classes, but I guess it takes a few years to find what you’re capable of, you know? And then you relax more in the throat. I mean, I smoke, but that doesn’t interfere. It makes it better, I think (laughs).

    SR: You’ll no doubt be playing tracks from Dead Dawn, but what else will you have in store for your fans this time?

    LG: We’re going to play a mix of the old and new. I think we’ll do sets that are a little bit longer in Australia, since we haven’t been down there for so long. It’s going to be a good, intensive show and we’re just going to play until we get thrown out (laughs).

    SR: Which songs do you most enjoy playing live?

    LG: I mean, we play the songs that we’re comfortable with and that we can actually play…and what the fans like…stuff from the early days, like Left Hand Path and stuff like that…and Wolverine Blues, as well…and a couple from the Dead Dawn and Back to the Front albums. It’ll be a good mix, and if somebody happens to scream out a song that we should know, we’ll just add it to the set.

    SR: I was reading an interview where you were talking about how much you like the intimate gigs because you like that closeness with the crowd and feeling like you’re all part of the show together.

    LG: Yeah, they get energy from us and we get energy from them. It’s like the final climax, to meet your audience face to face and have a good time together. I mean, we’re not one of those big production bands. We just put up a backdrop and let the music speak. It’s going to be a lot of headbanging and a lot of fun.

    SR: I also heard that you’re already working on material for your next album. Can you reveal anything about that yet?

    LG: Yeah, it’s very much in the early stages. We’re doing the summer festivals now, but we’re constantly throwing ideas back and forth. Hopefully we’ll have some songs ready for the Fall and then record them and have them released next year. That’s the plan, anyway. I couldn’t tell you what the songs are about, though. They’re not put together yet. We just have a bunch of riffs.

    SR: Are you still working on Firespawn?

    LG: Yes. We have the same booker here and sometimes we get the same festivals as Entombed A.D. So, it’s playing music while playing music basically. And it’s great. Music is what we do, you know?

    SR: What do you like to do in your downtime on tours?

    LG: Oh, like today? (Laughs). Doing interviews and hanging out? No, I mean, I walk around downtown and just hang about and go to shows. I mean, there’s a lot of shows. Tomorrow there’s Napalm Death and Brujeria and Lock Up playing, and there’s Moonspell and all sorts of bands on Saturday. There’s always something to do here.

    SR: And when you come down here, you’re going to get to Western Australia for the first time ever, right?

    LG: Yeah, after the tour, we’re going to stay two days in Perth and just hang out and drink beer (laughs).

    SR: Good place to do it. The weather’s nice here at the moment – nice and mild.

    LG: Here in Stockholm, it’s snowing today.

    SR: Do you have any funny tour stories or weird fan requests you can share with us?

    LG: Um, nah, I mean not really. Not that I can think of. People are not that weird, or maybe we’re weird and everything’s normal to us (laughs).

    SR: Where in the world would you say your wildest fans are?

    LG: Oh, South America. They’re pretty wild down there. I mean, there are wild, dedicated fans everywhere, but in South America, they’re a little bit more. We get a little bit more every time we go there, and it’s cool – they’re dedicated and happy.

    SR: Do you have a message you’d like to send out to your Australian fans ahead of the tour?

    LG: Yeah, I mean their response has been overwhelming so far and we just can’t wait to get down there and meet everybody face to face and have a good time and drink beer and headbang. It’s going to be great.


    ***ENTOMBED A.D. Australian Tour Dates May 2017***

    Tuesday 9th MayBrisbane – Crowbar

    Wednesday 10th MaySydney – Manning Bar

    Thursday 11th May Melbourne – Max Watts

    Friday 12th MayAdelaide – Fowlers Licensed All Ages

    Saturday 13th MayPerth – Amplifier


    Tickets On Sale Now:

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