Interview: Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother

Having spent the majority of their career touring & selling out theatres, stadiums & festivals around the world, Wolfmother will return Down Under to be perform at Scene & Heard Festivals later in 2019.

To find out more about the festival and working with Slash we had the chance to chat with Wolfmother‘s frontman Andrew Stockdale.

SR.You guys are headlining Scene & Heard Festival alongside the likes of Jebediah and You Am I, among others. What band are you most excited to see live during the festival?

AS. Hard to pick one. I’m just happy to see so many Australian bands together playing as one. I’d probably try to see them all during the 3 dates of the festival.

SR. Do you have a set-list planned already for the festival?

AS. It is hard to tell yet, but I know for a fact that many fan favourites will be there, like New Moon Rising, California Girl, Joker & the Thief, Cosmic Egg, Woman as well as some more recent tracks from our 2016 album Victorious.

SR. You guys have been touring everywhere, from South America to Scandinavia and even sharing the stage with the likes of AC/DC and Aerosmith. What has been your favourite tour so far?

AS. I got to meet a lot of interesting people on the road. Touring has been just crazy. I’d the chance to meet Gene Simmons, and he was super cool, but probably one of my highlights has been meeting and playing with Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam in Barcelona.

I loved chatting with him, he is just the coolest and most interesting dude around. I find it unreal that I got to perform alongside a guy who was such an inspiration when I was just starting.

SR. Do you prefer playing big stadium, festivals or smaller venues?

AS. As far as the crowd enjoys the show, I don’t mid the venue to be honest. Smaller venues gets you that intimate feeling and allows you to get closer to the fans, but it really annoys me when we see people in their phones, instead of having a good time.

That’s why, big crowds are my choice now, as it is like a validation of your work, you feel like you finally did it, you accomplished something with your hard-work. The enthusiasm is always better at large scale I think.

SR. Can you tell us about working with Slash and how did you get to be part of his Self-titled album?

AS. Slash is the man, he is such an icon, and was a great experience working with him. He actually presented me the song “By the Sword” and I was super dragged into it. I presented him the vocals, and suggested a few arrangements, and we dig into it very quick.

The song only took 2 days to record, which was something totally new for me as it was super fast, because with Wolfmother always takes longer as I do a lot of the work myself, so I really enjoyed the fact of having another team taking over, and doing the job for me.

SR. Your latest album Victorious was released back in 2016. When can we expect new music from you?

AS. We are currently working in new stuff, but we are taking it slow, as we want the new album to be as good or better than the previous ones.

With Victorious, we wanted to be a feel good album, with music that wants to make you move by taking your primitive kind of being out of the shell. Our music is a “Transportation” to take you to another place.

SR. Just to finish. What is your take in the current status of the Australian rock scene?

AS. Young bands are doing the right thing now, as they are forging their own path and not waiting to be discovered.

I love the fact many bands are using all the free resources available in social media to get their work out and share it to the masses instead of waiting to be discovered. Always pushing, fighting to be there and hopefully live from music, which is what I personally still do.

Scene & Heard Festivals Tour Dates

Sun Oct 27 – Cairns Showgrounds, Cairns, QLD
Sat Nov 02 – Sandstone Point Hotel,
Sun Nov10 – Wickham Park, Newcastle

For tickets, Line-up and more info visit