Hotel Transylvania 2 – Movie Review

Fangtastic fun for the little ones

Thanks to Sony Pictures, we had the chance to see Hotel Transylvania 2 before its release in Australian cinemas. This is our review of the film. But as usual, no matter what we say, we recommend that you still go to your local cinema and see the film because: There is no better critic than yourself!

hotel_transylvania2Dracula (Adam Sandler) and all his monster friends are back! And their family has just gotten a little bigger, as Dracula’s daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez) and her husband Jonny (Andy Samberg) just had a cute little boy named Dennis. Being a grandpa is exciting for Dracula, but there is one question that keeps stressing him out: will Dennis turn out to be human or vampire? After all, with a vampire mother and a human father it can go both ways – and the kid’s big head of red hair shows he sure takes after his father.

hotel_transylvania4Mavis starts to think it’s be good for Dennis to grow up in America, but Dracula is desperate to prevent that. When Jonny & Mavis go to California, Dracula stays behind in Transylvania to babysit little Dennis. The brand new grandpa decides to use the opportunity to run a bunch of tests to see if Dennis could maybe turn out to be a vampire after all. He is accompanied by his loyal friends Frankenstein (Kevin James), Murray The Mummy (Keegan-Michael Key replacing Cee-Lo Green), Werewolf (Steve Buscemi) and Invisible Man (David Spade). Obviously Dracula gets himself and his friends in a lot of trouble.

hotel_transylvania3Where the first Hotel Transylvania had a concept that was a bit too obviously copied from ‘Monsters Inc’, the sequel feels more like a story of its own. As all the characters are established now, there is more time to have some fun with them. As a result we get to spend a lot more time with all the comic side characters that didn’t get much screentime in the first film. This time around Dracula and his buddies Frank, Murray, Werewolf and Invisible Man all feel like they’re a proper gang of friends. Just as in the first film there are also plenty of monster-puns and visual gags (Dracula serves his guests cake with scream cheese),

hotel_transylvania1The only weak spot is that by the end of this sequel the story has come full circle, so there is not much room for a third instalment without sucking the life out of the franchise. In no way is Hotel Transylvania 2 in the same league as Pixar, but that doesn’t matter as it still provides a great afternoon out with lots of jokes for the whole family, and it provides fangtastic fun for the little ones.