Fear Of A Brown Planet Comes To Dvd

    Madman proudly presents the debut DVD release from the award-winning comedy duo, FEAR OF A BROWN PLANET, available now – $24.95srp.

    Not your average stand-up comedians, Aamer Rahman and Nazeem Hussain – aka FEAR OF A BROWN PLANET – are fearless and peerless in their pursuit to drive prejudice back under the rock it crawled out from.

    Uncompromising, ruthless and cheeky, FEAR OF A BLACK PLANET are never afraid to tackle the tough topics of immigration, race relations, or the War on Terror – and with their combined wit, expertise in law, and knowledge of Islamic culture – their tales of  growing up against a white Australian backdrop are guaranteed to be more fun than a night in Guantanamo.

    Rahman and Hussain are every bit as funny as they are politically engaged” – THE GUARDIAN, UK

    FEAR OF A BROWN PLANET contains the ‘best of’ material from their 2010 sell-out festival show, Fear of a Brown Planet Returns, as well as a host of content from their debut shows.