‘Endro!’ Complete Series Review

Thanks to Madman, we had the chance to see the JRPG series Endro! (Hepburn: Endoro~!) on Blu-ray.

The series follow Yusha, a young girl whose dream is becoming a hero and defeat the infamous Demon King. In order to gain experience and learn new skills, Yusha attends an adventurer school where she shares her quests with her cute, yet silly friends Seira, Fai, and Mei.

Things get a bit crazier, when a new young teacher and a princess, obsessed with marrying a hero, join the school unleashing a series of awkward events.

Despite having beautiful animation and excellent art, Endro! is unable to fully engage, especially because its plot is just about “cute shenanigans girls” picking random quests and fighting some demons around.

The series doesn’t take itself too seriously, and tries too hard to make you laugh, making the humor dry and repetitive. Furthermore, if you expect drama, epic action, dangerous situations or plot twist, you will be very disappointed.

Overall, Endro! is not for everyone as it lacks the emotion that most JRPG’s have. However, it can be a good light watch option to kill some time, especially if you don’t mind redundant plot lines and cute girls.

Endro! is now available from Madman. Get your copy here.