‘Dragon Ball Super’ Part 8 Review

The tournament of power has begun, and all the universe’s mightiest heroes, including Goku, Gohan, Piccolo and Vegeta, are ready to fight! However, after finding out Majin-boo has fallen into a deep sleep, Goku is forced to seek the help of an unlikely ally: Frieza.

Having their former arch-enemy on their side puts the Z warriors on edge as they need to work as a team, something that neither Frieza nor the Saiyan warriors do well. However, everything changes when new rivals with impressive skills from other universes – including a couple of young Saiyan girls – decide to take on Goku and his friends.

As expected, Part 8 features a lot of action, and finally puts characters like Krilling and the Androids in the spotlight in a superb way. There’s also a lot of comedy courtesy of Beerus, Champa and Bulma.

Overall, Part 8 is the action-packed set of episodes we needed, and seeing Frieza back playing his old tricks is sure to take any fan’s enjoyment to the next level. And, despite some silly secondary characters from the other universes, Zeno-Sama’s tournament of power is a must-see!

Dragon Ball Super Part 8 is now available from Madman. Get your copy here.