Don’t waste your Ammo! – Resistance 3 Videogame Review

Welcome to the resistance! And be ready to kill some aliens in Resistance 3, the third part of Sony’s PS3 exclusive trilogy.

SPOILER ALERT (sorry, but it is necessary to explain the story in the game)
In resistance 3 you play as Joe Capelli, a soldier, who was forced to kill Nathan Hale (the hero of the first 2 games, who was infected with the chimera virus ).
End of the spoiler

Joe lives with his wife and his sick son in underground tunnels leading a decent life until Dr Malakov arrives after discovering that the temperature of The Earth is dropping down. All of this because of the terraformers and a worm hole in the middle of New York City. After doubting Malakov  at the beginning,  Joe finally believes him and grabs his weapons and joins Malakov in his quest.

Resistance 3 is a game full of action and great graphics, where you can explore pretty much every corner of the 20 chapters of the game, including a variety of scenarios such as the jungle, and the Mississippi river just to name 2.

The graphics are well done, with a variety of enemies to kill and weapons around to pick up. The details on the Bosses in every chapter are very cool. Every boss has some sensible areas that you have to shoot in order to defeat them, and it is not an easy task at all. One of the cool things of the game is killing Chimeran enemies, with predator style camouflage, using sniper shots at a distant.

Another highlight of the game are the cinematics in between, some of them very comic book style, as seen in titles like infamous, and others with more 3D animatics.

Maybe the few problems with Resistance 3 .One is the normal mode because it is not very hard (except for The Brawler boss). Also, sometimes when you are exploring some scenarios, it is very easy to get confused and you will lose yourself easily because you don`t have a compass nor  arrow  guides to mark your distance to your target (which is not always on screen). Finally the multiplayer (online) takes a while to load, but it’s really worth to wait.

Despite those 2 minor issues, the game is extremely enjoyable and will give tons of hours of shooting entertainment, and if you have the Psmove, the experience gets amplified for sure!

Resistance 3 is a great shooter, and a really good alternative for other shooters like Call of Duty and medal of Honour, especially if the human race survival depends of you!