Book Review: ‘Trouble’ by M.J. Kelly, Ashley Chegwyn & Lisa Terry

Sydney: I basically told Mom to get lost, but I didn’t think she’d actually do it.

When Sydney’s mother goes missing after an explosive argument, she struggles to cope with her clueless father, her secret relationship, and festering guilt. She’s almost relieved when two of her mother’s weirdo patients show up on her doorstep, demanding answers after the worst day of her life. But they’ve got secrets – maybe even deadly ones – of their own.

Tori: Just because I’m pissed at my therapist when she goes missing doesn’t make me responsible. Does it?

After a brief moment in the spotlight, Tori is convinced she’s a high-school washout. She definitely ticks all the boxes – drugs, drama, and therapy. When her therapist disappears, Tori is overwhelmed with guilt. She starts an investigation of her own, enlisting the help of the only other two people who might know what happened – and what didn’t.

Anthony: FML

Anthony just wants to be left alone, but his past won’t let him go. He knows what he’s capable of. The trouble is, no one else seems to believe him when he tries to warn them. His therapist didn’t, and look what happened to her…

They only befriended each other to clear their names. Keep your friends close, but potential murderers closer, right? 

Trouble by author trio M.J. Kelly , Ashley Chegwyn , Lisa Terry, is  a fun YA mystery about a bunch of misfits coming together to prove their innocence and solve a crime. It reads like season one of Riverdale, and the characters complement each other beautifully. The three authors did a great job of putting the pieces together. Truly enjoyable. The characters are sympathetic, believable, and very human – their flaws made the story almost as enjoyable as the missing therapist angle. They made the story stand out. Anthony may have been my favourite character, his anguish at his violent past and his mistrust of himself in particular made me feel for the guy. Tori was brilliant – very witty and dramatic! Sydney also pulled me in immediately. The rocky relationship with her mother leading up to the disappearance is heartbreaking to read. And the way these characters played off each other was well-crafted! The snarky comments thrown at each other when the group gets together were brilliant. I absolutely loved how unwilling they were to work together. And how much they needed each other to clear their names! I honestly think the characters are what kept me reading more than anything else. Also, I’m a sucker for a good “whodunnit”, so how could I resist?

Overall, the story was well-delivered, and felt original; a fresh take on a well-known concept. I like the authors’ humour, style and ability to put a story together! I would love to see them work together on future stories – especially in this genre! Well worth the read! Check it out now! Also – that cover is wonderful!

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