Book Review: ‘Five Total Strangers’ By Natalie D. Richards

Mira is desperate to get home for the holidays. When an approaching blizzard cancels her connecting flight, and seriously derails her chances of getting home, things are not looking good. And then Mira’s sophisticated seatmate, Harper, offers her a solution. Harper and her friends are driving the same way and will drop Mira off on their way.

When the road trip begins to go wrong – the roads become dangerous, and items are going missing – it looks like someone in the car is sabotaging the trip. Mira is growing increasingly uncomfortable. And to make matters worse, she has realised her fellow travellers are all total strangers. It’s obvious that her companions are all hiding something, but could one of them really be dangerous? With the weather worsening and night approaching, not to mention they are in the middle of nowhere, Mira has no other options but to stay with these strangers. Will Mira make it home safely, or is the nightmare only beginning? 

Believe the hype. Five Total Strangers is an exciting new thriller from bestselling author Natalie D. Richards and it truly is thrilling from the very start. It’s fast-paced, action-driven and very tense throughout! I’m very tough on thrillers, because it’s a genre I am really invested in, so trust me when I say this one was worth it!

Early on I had a few issues with the story. Mira seemed a little too anxious a little too early on, and I wasn’t completely convinced by it, particularly because the approaching storm didn’t faze her at all – she actually dismissed the warnings until they were heading into it. I know this was to show her desperation – why else would someone that scared get in a car for a long drive with complete strangers? But I would have preferred a little less anxiety earlier on so that her panic at finding out no one knew anyone else in that car, and the many things going wrong felt a little more powerful. Aside from  that though I thought it was fantastic! I really loved Harper’s constant switching between someone completely falling apart and someone who had it all together. That felt much more natural. I also loved how suspicious almost everyone made me.

And, dear reader, I got it wrong. I didn’t guess who! I have pretty much always figured out any plot twist to some degree in every book since childhood. It doesn’t matter whether its well written or not. I always guess the ending. And this time I didn’t. As I said, I was so suspicious of almost everyone that I didn’t guess the ending (unless five seconds before the reveal counts). And that both surprised and impressed me. That alone makes it worth the read! Honestly, guys, please check this one out if you love a good thriller!

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