Be a real Wizard! – Sorcery Video Game Review

Playstation finally released the highly anticipated Sorcery for Playstation Move, bringing the world of magic to your home.

In Sorcery, you play as the young wizard apprentice Finn, on a quest to stop the evil Nightmare Queen from devouring the land in eternal night. During the process, you must train hard and learn how to cast different spells to defeat all your enemies, craft strange potions thanks to the in-game alchemy system and solve puzzles. Moreover, your master’s pet Erline, a magical cat, will be with you throughout the journey to give you helpful tips.

The game is a mix of action RPG where you must use your normal PS3 controller to advance and find new elements, plus your Playstation move kit will work as your magic wand (coolest thing in the game!), especially if you calibrate it perfectly at the beginning.

The gameplay is by far the best feature as it is extremely fun to use your PS3 move controller as your magic wand, making Sorcery better than any Harry Potter video game, which gets better and better while you are casting more spells, such as the power of igniting earthquakes, using a protector magic shield or creating a whirlwind of fire. Furthermore, you can even freely interact with the environment, such as moving stones (using your wand), light torches or transform inanimate objects, e.g vases into animals or pumpkins.

The Alchemy system is perhaps the second best feature of the game and will definitely be the favorite for all RPG lovers, because you can combine potions or buy items from a merchant to make you the ultimate wizard. Moreover, you must shake your control and “drink from it” every time you do a potion, making the experience extremely realistic.

Sorcery, still has some let downs, especially as it seems to be too short for what the game offers and you can easily finish it in about 8 hours playing it or in a couple of days if you need to pause and rest your arm. And believe when we say you will need to rest it a lot as you are constantly moving and battling enemies like a true student from Hogwarts.

Another issues are the graphics and textures which seem to be very plain and basic but it is still compensated by its playability and we are sure this was the main aim of the creators behind the game. Additionally, the enemies on different levels are more detailed and some of them will defeat you more than once until you find a way to use your magic and triumph.

Just to finish, surprisingly the game does not have a multiplayer or co-op mode which could be a great idea to be continuously featured in an eventual sequel of this exhausting but very fun game. Everyone will enjoy it at home!

Sorcery is out now in Australia