Aperture Australia @ ICC Sydney, 2019

We are living in the era of information. Every single day we have access to hundreds of tutorials, workshops, books, tips not to mention everything you can find at the click of a button on the internet.

It’s endless, right? This doesn’t necessarily mean good quality but let me tell you something – a year ago I discovered a conference that ticks all those boxes. Let me explain you why.

The general idea is really simple. Create a boutique conference supported by big name sponsors to celebrate photography and support Australian photographers. As a European photographer I can say the Australian photographic scene is huge and many well-known talented home grown photographers working around the world confirm this and the upcoming photographers are already proving this is going to continue.

During the weekend at the International Conference Centre, Sydney we enjoyed two full days of everything you can dream of. I don’t know if conference is the right word because in my opinion it was much more than that.

We experienced three speakers every day, six photographers in total talking about their careers and much more – and this was one of the highlights of the event. The photographers were talking about their work and sharing stories about their photos but they were also sharing personal stories about their lives. About the way they live, their fears, their successes and failures and what drives them in the projects they are involved in. Some of them shared never seen before pictures and talked about aspects that you’ll never read in a book and probably you won’t never hear about unless you are a close friend.

We tend to idolize famous photographers and sometimes we forget at the end of the day they are humans beings that sometimes struggle with the same problems than the rest of us. Behind every photographer there is a story, and having the opportunity of hear from them in their own voice is priceless – pure gold. Six different photographers with six different lives. I enjoyed every second with these guys – the protagonists this year were; Ami Vitale, Jasin Boland, Ray Collins, Tamara Dean, Stephen Dupont and Christian Fletcher.

But this not everything Aperture Australia offered. We also enjoyed shorts talks about marketing and copyright for photographers, how to storage your work properly and avoid problems losing your photos (which sometimes happens and is extremely painful!) and Ted-style talks from the sponsors about their gear, the new models and so on. Last but not least there were a few stands with printing companies, workshops and some of the photographers selling their books and signing then if you wanted.

Aperture Australia 2019 has been an incredible experience. Last year was good but this year has been bigger and better – I have no doubt the whole team are already working on Aperture Australia 2020.

You can find more info here apertureaustralia.com.au

Stay tuned and save the date as soon as it is announced. You won’t regret it!