Acmi presents Live in the Studio: Downtown Abbey

    The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) continues its homage to the small screen with its continuing program Live in the Studio. Dissecting, highlighting and relishing all things made for TV, this series appears each month with pundits from pop-culture, academia and industry experts. Together they present unique points of view on television events that sit on the knife edge (or garden fence) between analysis and entertainment.

    So, bring your tissues to mop up tears of laughter (and sometimes sorrow), your thinking caps for new perspectives and shrug off any thoughts of shame about how much you love TV – we’re in the same boat!

    “I have plenty of friends I don’t like” – Lady Grantham (Maggie Smith), Downton Abbey

    June sees us looking at the deliciously salacious world of Downton Abbey.  From blackmailing butlers and scheming chambermaids, to gallant English noblemen and impeccably dressed ladies, this period drama has been a hit equally with both men and women around the world.

    For two seasons, we have swooned, cringed and secretly (occasionally not so secretly) taken sides in both scandalous and trite conflicts with the inhabitants of the Grantham Estate. With 6 Primetime Emmy® Awards, a Golden Globe® and entering the Guinness Book of Records as ‘the most critically acclaimed show for 2012’, Downton Abbey has become a household favourite; as has the sharp tongued one liners of Lady Grantham, delivered by the talented Maggie Smith.

    June’s panel of guests include EastEnders writer Peter Mattessi, TV critic Debi Enker and editors and bloggers extraordinaire, Mel Campbell and Karen Pickering. They’ll tête-à-tête their way through corsets, dinner bells and thoughts on what has made this show so popular.

    Perhaps they’ll discuss the appearance of modern day content such as TV aerials or double yellow lines on the roads within season one? Or maybe they’ll re-enact scenes to reinforce their point, or maybe just because they enjoy feeling aristocratic?

    Whatever happens in Live in the Studio, you can be sure it will be a night that incites debate, revelry and thought; give you insight and a new perspective. You’ll never look at the lords and ladies of Downton Abbey in the same way again.

    Dates              Thu 28 Jun 2012, 7pm
    Location           Studio 1
    Admission        Full $15 Concession $12 ACMI Members $11

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