RSPCA & Jessica Mauboy Join Forces To Endorse Nintendo 3DS Game

Nintendo is pleased to announce that the RSPCA has officially endorsed nintendogs™ + cats, a video game currently available on Nintendo 3DS™. Australian singer and animal lover Jessica Mauboy has also joined forced with Nintendo and RSPCA and will be appearing in Nintendo’s latest television ads.

“If like me, you just don’t have the lifestyle where you can look after a puppy or kitten of your own – whether you travel a lot, live in an apartment, or work long hours – nintendogs + cats is the perfect
companion for you”
, says Jessica.
The RSPCA was thrilled to officially endorse nintendogs + cats, and it was not something that was taken lightly. Kellie Rutherford, RSPCA Partnerships Manager explains: “The RSPCA science team spent many hours with nintendogs + cats to ensure it was a game that promoted responsible ownership of a puppy or kitten. Every aspect of the game was carefully looked over to ensure it aligned with the RSCPA’s key messages”.
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