On the Spot: David Hasselhoff in Bondi Beach!

The Hoff was in Bondi beach today January 3rd, 2011 for the launch of the new Streets’ Splice Real Fruits ice lollies. A massive crowd was around there to see the Baywatch star around midday. The 58-year old TV star was taken to the beach in a lifeguard boat, then he posed for the official pictures and to give away some free ice creams.

Unfortunately and disappointingly for the few real fans around there today with DVDs, books, shirts, etc… the Hoff didn’t do many pictures, even when he wanted to do it, all because of the aggressive security with him, which didn’t even care that the event was made in a public place such a Bondi Beach,  they just push, yell and even menace some fans wanting just a quick photo with their idol.

Despite the fact of the security overreacting every time, the event was a blast! The Hoff was friendly with everyone. Moreover, he did some imitations of his time in Baywatch running in slow motion, singing and walked a long way until the North Bondi Life Saver Surfer club, obviously with the Baywatch main theme song as a background and followed for the “Splice team” dressing as Baywatch team giving away ice-creams to everyone. The best thing was the people didn’t care about the bad weather and the rain…the ice creams were a  huge success, amazing flavour and low fat…perfect for this summer!

Later, The Hoff went to the lifesavers headquarters in Bondi for a quick and intimate meeting to show them his support and helping them to open a campaign to get more funds for their amazing labour.

Hasselhoff left Bondi Beach around 5:30 pm and tomorrow he will host a VIP event in Sydney, where he’ll be leading a team of ‘lifesavers’ dolling out free iced treats.

Here enjoy some pictures of the venue and remember “DON’T HASSEL THE HOFF!”