Lanard Copeland makes return in Red Bull Reign National Finals

Australia’s best up-and-coming basketballers took to the courts in Melbourne this weekend, for the thrilling Red Bull Reign National Final, where NBL legend, Lanard Copeland, made his anticipated return to basketball alongside teammate, Darren ‘D-Mack’ McDonald. The ultimate 3-on-3 basketball tournament, Red Bull Reign saw Copeland and McDonald compete against Australia’s best up-and-coming basketball stars who were determined to take home the title.

lanard-1Providing some intense competition to the younger generations of basketball, Copeland and McDonald took on winners from Sydney and Perth, as well as the best local talent in Melbourne. In the end, they were knocked out of the championship rounds but both were impressed by the talent on show.

The Wolves from Melbourne eventually took out the competition, following 13 heated games of basketball and a close final round against Perth champions, Salads, with a final score of 14-9. Consisting of four Melbourne University students (Nicholas Masunda, Stefan Pomasan, Smoke and Jack Railton-Woodcock) the Wolves showcased true team work, endurance, skill and smarts to beat an impressive line-up of competitors including former NBL players and international 3-on-3 champions.

Wolves team member, Jack Railton-Woodcock, felt they were the underdogs, given the calibre of talent on show at Red Bull Reign. “It’s pretty unexpected, I didn’t think we were going to get up – there are lot of big names around here today – but we did it and I’m stoked,” said Railton-Woodcock.

Jack’s teammate Stefan Pomasan knew it was important to strategise their approach, given that the winning team would play a total of 13 rounds instead of four to five, which is typical of most 3-on-3 competitions.

lanard2“We really had to grind it out the whole day; it was a long day of basketball! I think we’re all looking forward to a shower after an exhausting but great day at Red Bull Reign in Melbourne,” Pomasan said following the win.

Throughout its very first Australian competition, Red Bull Reign has uncovered some of the country’s best up-and-coming basketball talent, giving players a platform to showcase and enhance their skills. For more information on Red Bull Reign, please visit