Entertainment Ideas for in the Home

Lockdown is easing up, which means the introverts of the world can go back to staying at home in peace. That being said, a silver lining of lockdown must be the focus it has given to what can be achieved from home, including entertainment.

Online quizzes, group video chats, and Livestream DJ-ing have all become a staple in daily life, but why stop there? What else is there that the good people at home could be enjoying?

This piece looks at some great entertainment ideas for those who like to stay inside.

“Wake up to chat with a stranger”

Browse the App Store

Yes, this is a simple suggestion, but it is quite surprising just how many apps are created and released daily and how many are missed out on. Some of the best apps go undiscovered and there is quite literally an app for everything! Rando is an underrated app where you can send a picture of anything to a stranger and receive one back from another, which is a brilliant way to see things all around the world from the comfort of home. Just make sure not to send anything that would not be received with welcome!

Wakie is also another entertainment app for the daring, where you set your preferred wakeup time, and someone from around the world calls you to chat until the sleepiness has disappeared!

Who says it is difficult to meet people without going outside?

Have a Craft Day

It might be difficult to remember the last time the Play-Doh came out, or that potatoes were intricately carved out to make the perfect stamp for homemade crafts, but that can all be changed. Either visit a local craft store or find items around the house that can be used to create a work of art. Arts and crafts are very therapeutic and offer great benefits as well as entertainment. It’s definitely a good one for those who like to have a screen break and do something more physical.

Whiskey or martini?”

Online Poker Night

There is something strangely enjoyable about an online poker night, and there is no reason not to go all out. Get into the swing of the theme with some whiskey in a tumbler or a martini, and get dressed up in a smart suit, then visit a site such as https://www.australiancasinosites.com/ for a variety of fun casino and poker games! Don’t forget to put some suave music on in the background for added atmosphere.

Start a Blog

A blog can be written about anything, and everyone has their own unique life and story to share. So, why not share it? Revel in wonderful memories, dig out old photos or even tell people about the best recipe for brownies. There are plenty of free hosting sites that are user-friendly to help get a blog started.

Whatever the topic is, writing a blog is a great way to engage with a loved subject and entertain for hours, for both the creator and the audience!