DeLorean Vs Chiko Roller in the ultimate race this November

Successful teams announced for Red Bull Billy Cart

Teams across Australia are today receiving the exciting news that their designs have been accepted for Red Bull Billy Cart. In less than three months’ time, 60 daring teams will race down the purpose built course at Centennial Parklands, Sydney, launching from ramps and weaving obstacles, all vying for bragging rights as winner and their slice of the $35,000 prize pool.

From Sefton (NSW) to Shelly Beach (QLD); Braddon (ACT) to Beenleigh (QLD) and Kialla (VIC) to Kellyville (NSW), teams will be coming from far and wide to take part in this epic race, with the furthest team trekking a massive 1,490KM from Seaford Meadows (SA).

To enter, teams were asked to sketch a design of their proposed Billy Cart prototype and submit it for selection. Thousands of applications packs were requested from Red Bull Billy Cart HQ, from which the 60 lucky teams were chosen.

Leading designs paid homage to Hollywood blockbusters and stars, took inspiration from existing modes of transport and were even modelled on childhood toys, while the strongest theme of ‘Australiana’ ran throughout. With races all around the globe, its comes as no surprise that teams wanted to brand this race with our very own Aussie identity, featuring designs such as The Meat Pie Racer (NSW), The Harbour Bridge (NSW), 2 Shrimps on a barbie (NSW) and a Koalaye (pictured right, NSW) to name a few.

On 15th November, 60 teams will marshal, ready and raring to roll with their bespoke vehicles, as part of this unique non-motorised race. Experienced drivers and amateurs alike, who will have spent months building their dream cart, will finally show the masses what they’ve got. Tens of thousands of people will line the fences, anticipating the thrills and spills, while the official judges will have the tough job of marking the entrants on three key elements – creativity of design, showmanship and speed.

Those who were not game to get behind the wheel can still join the fun on the day. Grab your friends or family and head down to Sydney’s Centennial Parklands for the big day.