Andy Murray unveils Under Armour CoolSwitch technology

Today, world number two tennis star, Andy Murray, hit the rooftop court at Crown Towers Melbourne to unveil Under Armour’s latest CoolSwitch technology. Following an exclusive look at one of Andy’s intense on-court training sessions, the Under Armour athlete also gave media insight into his training regime, competition kit, and outlook for the 2016 season ahead of his participation at the Australian Open Tennis Championships next week.

Andy, along with his trainer Matt Little, demonstrated the benefits of Under Armour’s newest product innovation, CoolSwitch, which cools the body and skin to ensure longer performance and endurance. These benefits are a must for athletes like Andy, who trained today in Melbourne’s 35°C heat.

Glad to be wearing Under Armour CoolSwitch as he trains for the Open, Andy commented: “Under Armour CoolSwitch keeps you cooler for longer… when you are playing in these sorts of conditions, you want your product to work just as hard as you do, and I know I can rely on Under Armour products for the best performance possible.”

In addition to wearing CoolSwitch, Andy also tackles the hot conditions around the world by being prepared for every match, and ensuring he has the right gear on hand.

“Sunscreen is extremely important, and I use ice towels on the court as much as I can, while also trying to get as much food into me before my match,” Murray said. “When I have all the right materials, it can give me an extra edge, and when it’s 40°C, you need everything to be working if you’re going to last 3.5 – 4 hours,” he continued.

The ‘crystal’ pattern, which is unique to Under Armour’s CoolSwitch fabric, activates in three ways; it draws heat away from the skin for an instant cooling sensation, absorbs heat with the same technology used in NASA spacesuits, and supercharges the body’s natural cooling mechanism.

At the rooftop training session, Andy commented on what it would mean for him to win the Australian open this year saying “…it would mean a lot just because of the number of times I’ve been close…This is one of my big goals for this year, I’ve trained hard and tried to get here as early as possible to prepare as best as I can.”

Under Armour’s CoolSwitch range is available from 15th January in Rebel Sport and online.

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