1D: Netflix lends a helping hand to bring Zayn & Louis back together

As you’ve probably noticed, teen musical sensation Zayn Malik and his former One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson have had a bit of a falling out on Twitter.

Naturally, 1D fans around Australia have taken to social media to vent their concern for the couple, trying to remind them of the bromance they once had!

Our friends at Netflix want to help…and they’ve pulled together the top ten make up movies for the two to watch this weekend, reminding them of the great times they once had together, and the importance of amazing friendship.

Hopefully this great selection of films will help them put their troubles behind them. And who knows…. Could this spark Zayn’s return to the 1D line up? Here’s to hoping.


  1. Mean Girls
  2. Easy A
  3. Step Brothers
  4. Grown Ups
  5. American Pie
  6. 22 Jump Street
  7. Superbad
  8. Dumb and Dumber: When Harry Met Lloyd
  9. Bad Boys
  10. Rush Hour

Failing that, they could always relive their meteoric rise to fame with One Direction: Reaching for the Stars or One Direction: All For One!