‘Yuru Yuri’ Season 1 Review

Thanks to Madman we had the chance to see one of the most surprising animes as part of their November releases: the first season of ‘Yuru Yuri’  on DVD.

You may think this is another comedy based on cute girls; well, that’s exactly what it is, but it will definitely surprise you with the amount of entertainment it can generate in only a dozen episodes.

yurustill2‘Yuru Yuri’ is based on a group of four middle-school girls who spend their time in the ‘Amusement Club’. The club is not authorised; they just started using the tea ceremony club premises after that group was disbanded, attracting the attention of the Student Council.

Our four girls are: Akari, who doesn’t have much of a presence in the series; Kyouko, who is the center of attention and definitely the most annoying, yet funny, character ever created; Yui, who is the cool big sister of the club; and, lastly, the new recruit, Chinatsu. Moreover, they are joined in almost every episode by the Student Council: Vice President Ayano, the quiet Chitose, (who suffers nosebleeds when fantasising about Ayano and Kyouko) and childhood friends/rivals, Sakurako and Himawari.

There is really no plot, storyline or character development whatsoever, but its seriously one of the best comedies we have seen in a while.

As the name indicates, the anime genre is ‘Yuri’ (love between girls) and this is exactly what it is: mild, middle-school girl love. The anime focuses on the love between the ‘couples’, predominantly in a comedic sense. It is really fun to watch the love between: Kyouko and Chitose, and Chitose and Yui. It’s also hilarious to watch the tsundere character, Ayano, attempting to get Kyouko’s attention.

yuruyuriimageThis slice-of-life comedy is frantic, full of energy and amusing at all times. There are no slow or boring episodes whatsoever.

If you enjoy shows about cute girls doing cute things, well, this is it! This is a laugh-out-loud comedy well worth getting your hands on.

Madman brings ‘Yuru Yuri’ season 1 to Australia. The DVD extras include: Textless Opening and Ending songs, ‘B-side’ Episode Previews and Trailers.

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