‘Wolf Children’ Blu-Ray Review

Thanks to Madman we finally got the chance to see Summer Wars-director Mamoru Hosoda’s highly acclaimed animated film ‘Wolf Children’ in full Blu-Ray quality.

wolf children image 2‘Wolf Children’  is a heart-warming story about Hanna, an innocent college student who falls in love with a weird guy, who strangely enough attends her classes despite not being an actual student.

After both of them get close, the mysterious guy reveals to Hanna his deepest secret: he is indeed a Wolf-man, the last of his kind. Hanna dismisses all the legends about full moons and silver bullets and continues to be his lover. The young girl and the Wolf-man soon have two sons together, the energetic and spoiled Yuki and the young quiet Ame, who are both half wolves as well. However, Hanna’s happy love story comes to an abrupt ending as her beloved soulmate dies tragically after following his animal instincts.

wolf children image 3In order to raise her children in a safe environment, Hanna leaves city life behind her and moves to a rural town, where her kids can discover who they really are and what they will become.

Based on Hosoda’s original story,  ‘Wolf Children’ is a refreshing Japanese film, that holds its own against the high standard of the Ghibli movies. It shows a unique kind of drawing and animation that, despite having some common elements with other animes, finds the balance to create its own style.

wolf children image 1The story has it all; romance, drama, comedy and strong messages of self-discovery and maternal love, that manage to move and amaze the viewer with the powerful simplicity of the narrative and the colourful likeable characters.

The Japanese voices are perfect, while the American ones are well-made but don’t quite deliver the same emotional result, as they are more plain and out of synch with the characters since both languages are far too different. wolf-children-bluray

The Blu-Ray also includes a good amount of extra features such as a feature on the Japanese premiere of the film, where the entire cast introduced their characters, director reels, and special screening intros by the cast and trailers.

Watch the trailer here

‘Wolf Children’ is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray from Madman. Get your copy here.