‘Tokyo Ghoul Va’ Season 2 Blu-Ray Review

Thanks to Madman we finally watched the bloody awesome second season of the anime hit Tokyo Ghoul on Blu-Ray.

tokyo-ghoul-season-2-stillAfter a huge battle against the police, Kaneki (aka The Eyepatch) decides to leave Touka and his friends to join the organization that tortured him, Aogiri Tree. This is a very weird move, as Aogiri Tree are not pacifists, and are usually plotting to release captured ghouls, even if it involves killing humans.

During a huge operation to free a legendary ghoul known as “The Owl”, Kaneki takes his power to the next level and evolves into an unbeatable machine. This causes inspector Koutarou to wonder just what side “The Eyepatch” is on, especially since he’d heard him crying and claiming that he did not wanted to eat human flesh anymore and had also witnessed him putting his life on the line. However, everything suddenly changes when “The Owl” rescues Kaneki and takes him away.

tokyo ghoul season 2If you like gore, action and twisted characters, the second season of Tokyo Ghoul will be a treat. It features non-stop action and an anti-hero who is unleashes his true potential when he finally stops being a cry baby. The series also has stunning visuals and modern animation that mixes old school and digital techniques.

The show is so fast-paced that viewers who don’t have Season 1 fresh in their minds might become confused at times. That’s a fairly minor issue, however, thanks to the addictive action, excellent twists, and fantastic development of new and returning characters.

Overall, a solid must-own release. Available now from Madman. Get your copy here.