Tokyo Ghoul: Complete Ova Series Review

Thanks to Madman we had the chance to watch Tokyo Ghoul: Complete OVA Series on DVD.

Following the success of the epically gory Tokyo Ghoul series, a new OVA release is hitting stores. These OVAs focus on two secondary Beloved characters: CCG Special Force investigator Arima and Shuu, the infamous gourmet ghoul.

Both stories flesh out the early days of these characters. Arima’s story shows his detective skills at high school where with a schoolmate he unveils the truth behind a serial killer known as the “Lantern”. The Shuu story on the other hand showcases his relationship with his only human friend Hori, and how the pair meet and become close.

Tokyo Ghoul: Complete OVA Series is worth watching for fans of the series, as despite showcasing the usual creatures and bloody scenes, it delivers a much needed backstory for characters that have worked their way deep into the fans’ hearts.

The animation is as good as usual and the storyline is rich and full of Ghoul Greatness including a couple of twists that will blow the viewers’ minds.

Tokyo Ghoul: Complete OVA Series is out now from Madman. Get your copy here.