‘Three Leaves, Three Colours’ Series Review

Thanks to Madman we had a chance to see ‘Three Leaves, Three Colours’ ( 三者三葉 ) on DVD.

After her wealthy family business goes bankrupt, young, privileged Yoko Nishikawa must learn to live with limited income by herself in a small apartment while attending a public school with no friends. Her money issues are so severe that she feeds herself with bread crusts, something she does in secret in a quiet spot at school. However, all changes when she meets the always hungry Futaba and the cute (but scary ) class rep Teri Hayama who, despite being in different classes, start to spend their lunch-breaks together forming a strong bond. This puts the former rich girl in bizarre and hilarious situations as well as giving her a new perspective on life, especially after she begins to work in a patisserie with her former maid.

“Three Leaves, Three Colours” is a simple feel-good anime series in which worlds collide, the rich girl and the regular people, with the story focusing on character development and the interpersonal relationship between them during their school days, but always with a heartwarming and comedic touch.

Comedy sequences are superb, especially thanks to Futawa’s eating contests, Hayama’s ironic way to get his way out and Nishikawa’s former butler Yamaji who still is obsessed with her happiness.

Perhaps “Three Leaves, Three Colours” won’t win an originality prize, but will keep viewers entertained the whole time. It’s an easy-on-the-eye show that will draw more than one smile on everyone’s faces during its 12 episodes with the classic beach trip and school festival episodes included.

Three Leaves, Three Colours is now available from Madman. Get your copy here.