The Severing Crime Edge Series Collection – Review

Thanks to Madman we had the chance to see Yūji Yamaguchi’s ‘The Severing Crime Edge’ on DVD.

The Severing Crime Edge 2The series follow Kiri, a young student obsessed with cutting hair with his special scissors. When Kiri gets lost after taking a wrong turn, he finds himself outside the house of the mysterious Iwai, a young girl whose hair is cursed, as it is impossible to cut.

To both Kiri’s and Iwai’s surprise, Kiri’s scissors turn out to be cursed as well, enabling him to cut Iwai’s hair for the first time ever. Iwai is revealed to be the “Hair Queen”, who is targeted by a group of killers with their own cursed artefacts, reason enough for Kiri to become her protector.

The Severing Crime Edge 3Despite the weird plot, ‘The Severing Crime Edge’ series manages to surprise viewers and get them hooked within just minutes, due to some great animation, a collection of twisted yet likeable characters and some great spot-on comedy moments, including super deforms and awkward romantic situations.

The-Severing-Crime-Edge-dvd-madmanThe mix of horror, action, comedy and teen romance is perfectly balanced, helped by a solid story and excellent art direction, that is especially at its best while showing the original criminals from past times.

Overall, ‘The Severing Crime Edge’ is a solid but twisted series. Although this series does get a bit confusing at some points, it manages to amaze viewers and anime fans from a wide range of genres.

The Severing Crime Edge series collection is now available on DVD in Australia from Madman. Get your copy here.