‘So I Can’t Play H’ – Anime Review

Thanks to Madman we had the chance to see the fan service-packed comedy So I Can Play H on DVD.

so-i-cnat-play-h-1Ryosuke is not the typical teenage boy, as his obsession with girls has made him the official pervert at school. This doesn’t bother him at all, however, especially because he has his voluptuous childhood friend by his side no matter what.

However, all suddenly changes when Lisara, a very hot girl, shows up at Ryosuke’s front door during a rainy day. As women are a treasure for him, he takes her into his place, without even suspecting that she is a Shinigami. She will steal years of his life, feeding on the energy Ryosuke produces every time his libido increases. This is very useful to her, since her mission is to find a “chosen one”; and, along the way, she will face many challenges and battles.

so-i-cnat-play-h-2Put simply, So I Can’t Play H is hilarious and very sexy at first, with some really hot fan service-packed battles between Shinigamis that make the first episodes very addictive. However, this becomes extremely repetitive later on, as each episode seems to have the same structure. Only the very predictable plot twist near the end attempts to fix that issue (and somehow works).

The animation is superb and the sexy Shinigamis are set to be otaku favourites, especially because they lose nearly all their clothes during battles.

The DVD release includes the classic TV Spots, Japanese promotional videos and textless opening and ending songs.

Watch the trailer here

So I can’t play H is now available in Australia from Madman. Get your copy here.