‘Seven Mortal Sins’ Review

Thanks to Madman we had the chance to see the devilish supernatural animated series Seven Mortal Sins.

Seven Mortal Sins follows the sexy female fallen angel Lucifer who, after disobeying God, is sent to Hell. However, on her way to the underworld,she meets Maria, a cute, naive school girl, who helps her without knowing what a huge mistake she’s making.

Once she’s in Hell, Lucifer is welcomed by Leviathan, who becomes obsessed with her. This is reason enough for her to decide to join Lucifer in her quest to take down the seven Demon King rulers of Hell.

After failing in her first attempt, The Seven Deadly Sins seals off Lucifer’s powers, and Lucifer is forced to go back to Earth and get Maria and Leviathan to defeat them.

Seven Mortal Sins is weird, sexy, silly and even way too erotic for the premise of the series. The beautiful animation and great character design are not enough to lift up a story that becomes repetitive with the main characters getting naked and engaging in random, titillating acts that serve no purpose to the story, with this even happening in the middle of epic battles between Lucifer and the Demon Kings.

Despite this, some episodes are quite a lot of fun. Not all the Demon Kings are taken to the battlefield; some of them use virtual RPG video games to battle and gain followers, while others are music idols and the only way to defeat them is in a karaoke battle.

Overall, Seven Mortal Sins is silly fun at best, but no more than that. What could have been a very dark all-female Devilman style series gets lost in a sea of unnecessary lust and repetition.

Out now from Madman. Get your copy here.