‘Servamp’ Complete Series Review

Thanks to our friends at Madman we had the chance to see supernatural thriller Servamp on DVD.

Young student Shirota always preferred the simple things in life. However, simplicity is out of the question when he decides to adopt a stray cat that he names Kuro. Kuro turns out to be a “Servamp“, or Servant Vampire. Things get worse when Shirota and his friends are attacked and he forms a contract with Kuro to fight other vampires, making him an EvE (Servamp master), a decision he will soon regret. Alongside other EvEs, he must form an alliance to go against a twisted sadistic EvE named Tsubaki who wants to exterminate the weak to make the world “more interesting”.

Servamp is the classic example of an anime with potential to be a hit that falls into a frustrating plot hole and ends up boring the viewer. The series has a spectacular beginning, with dark characters, gore and an interesting premise, similar to what Tokyo Ghoul does. However, the excessive injection of new characters, their subplots, plus the annoyance of the main character Shirota who during at least 11 of the 12 episodes deserves a good slap in the face for being a crybaby, and comedic scenes forced into a series that could have been better as a fully serious dark story. This all ends up killing the final product and of course the series’ climax. By the time everything finally goes down the viewer might simply have lost interest.

In addition, Servamp has some really odd changes of pace and animation while trying to showcase more psychological twists, including a slow burner episode with Shirota trying to find Kuro in a kind of mental prison to help him to accept his fate and his mistakes. It’s just plain boring.

Overall, Servamp is one of the biggest letdowns we’ve seen in a while. It’s the kind of series you keep watching, hoping something truly amazing will happen, mostly inspired by the good character design and the craziness of its villain. But, all-in-all, it’s just the eternal promise of vampire action that never shows its fangs.

Servamp is out now from Servamp. Get your copy here.