‘Scum’s Wish’ Complete Series Review

Thanks to Madman we had the chance to see the animated romantic drama Scum’s Wish on Blu-ray.

The series follows Hanabi who, from a very young age, has been in love with her older best friend Narumi who has now become her new home room teacher.

Hanabi daydreams about the two of them together every day.  However, jealousy strikes when she notices Narumi is in love with the music teacher Akane.

To complicate things further, Hanabi crosses paths with Mugi, a student popular among girls who is in the same situation as he is, being madly in love with Akane.

In order to survive, both of them make a twisted pact to become surrogate lovers to each other. Falling in love is forbidden and, in the case of one of them managing to get their true love, the deal is off.

Scum’s Wish is a very different kind of series, as it takes romantic complexities to heretofore unknown realms and shows the challenges of exploring one’s sexuality while avoiding being stigmatised and labelled by society.

The lead characters are extremely appealing and it’s easy to sympathise with their situation and wish for them to get their happy ending somehow. However, the plot twists, including Hanabi’s best friend and Akane’s true personality, will render you unable to press the stop button for hours.

Sadly, the last episodes don’t live up to the expectations generated by what could have been a flawless series. The end gets very slow and messy, leaving you with a massive, unresolved question about what happened to the characters they have just fallen in love with.

Scum’s Wish is now available from Madman. Get your copy here.