‘Sailor Moon SuperS’ – The Movie Review

Thanks to Madman we’re continuing our quest to re-watch the entire classic Sailor Moon saga. This time we revisit 1995’s ‘Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie’.

Directed by Hiroki Shibata and under Toei Animation the film is inspired by the folk tale ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’.

In Takeushi’s film ‘Black Dream Hole’ the story starts with Chibi-usa and Usagi baking cookies with the rest of the scouts. Chibi-usa decides to give her cookies to Mamoru but on her way she meets a winged boy in a sweet shop who happens to play a flute that produces magic. They rapidly become friends and Chibi-usa gives him the cookies as a token of friendship. At the same time, a series of child abductions have been occurring around the globe and now Tokyo is under attack. Suddenly, a beautiful tone from a flute starts attracting masses of children (including Chibi-usa) to a spaceship. The sailor scouts see Chibi-usa in a trance marching down the street with the rest of the children and they do their best to rescue her and the other children by stopping the evil plans of Queen Badiane, Poupelin and their henchmen.

The movie feels a bit rushed, but it’s packed with action and luckily doesn’t neglect the series’ trademark humour. Moreover, our inner scouts are joined by Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto, a real treat for the fans.

In addition to the film, the Blu-ray also includes a 16-minute animated special called ‘Ami’s First Love’. The short features an obsessed Ami who is desperately trying to uncover the identity of her study rival ‘Mercurius’. The scouts think this obsession is because she’s in love, and this attracts the attention of a spirit who leeches on her. Usagi tries to help Ami find out Mercurius’ identity.

The special shows a whole new side of Ami, showing her as a vulnerable teenager instead of acting as the brain of the group. This develops her character even more, a huge gain for all the fans of the series as Ami is finally given her dues. The special also shows a new power-up and transformation sequence for Sailor Mercury.

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