‘Sailor Moon Super S’ Part 2 Review

Thanks to Madman we were able to continue our quest to watch the entire Sailor Moon Saga. This time we got to see “Sailor Moon Super S – Part 2” (episodes 147 to 166) on high quality Blu-ray.

In this season a more mature Chibi-usa dreams of being capable of protecting “Pegasus”, the soul of the captured Prince of Elysion, Helios. The Queen of Darkness and ruler of the Dead Moon circus, Nehalennia, sends a second group of henchmen (the Amazoness Quartet and old granny Zirconia) to find him.

Pegasus holds the Golden Crystal, a powerful stone that when activated can seal the power of Dead Moon but at the same time can be used to destroy planets and bring darkness to the universe. However, not everyone can summon its power and only a very special person will be able to use it.

During the second part of the season the story develops pretty quickly, changing the group of villains and discovering the intentions of Dead Moon. This makes the episodes far more interesting. Moreover, while the emphasis is still given to Chibi-usa and her first love, we see more participation by Sailor Moon, Mamoru and the scouts.

The comedy is still great and is a huge selling point for the series, even in the final battle when the scouts are astonished by the relationship between Helios and Chibi-usa – plus the usual mishaps in every episode when fighting the childish Amazoness Quartet.

Overall “Sailor Moon Super S – Part 2” is a great way to end the third season, full of silly comedy, big battles and lots of heart.

Madman brings ‘Sailor Moon’ in DVD and Blu-ray. The Blu-ray’s extra features include clean opening and ending songs plus a few trailers.

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