‘Sailor Moon Super S – Part 1’ Review


Thanks to our friends at Madman we’re continuing our quest through the classic Sailor Moon Saga. This time we watched Episodes 128-146 on DVD.

During the first part of the fourth season ‘Sailor Moon Super S’ the sinister Dead Moon Circus lands in Tokyo after a lunar eclipse.

The alien circus is lead by the villainous Zirconia and is packed with strange creatures. Her henchmen, the Amazon Trio (Tiger’s Eye, Hawk’s Eye and Fish’s Eye) are the first team in charge of searching for Pegasus, who is said to live only inside the beautiful dreams of a pure human soul.

In this season, Chibi-Usa is the protagonist and becomes the centre of the story. During her dreams she meets Pegasus, who tells her to keep their meeting secret. Eventually, when summoned during battle he uses his magical powers to power up Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon and the other scouts.

‘Sailor Moon Super S’ follows the same structure as previous seasons with a monotone monster formula and a major emphasis on humour. The episodes are packed with laughs as the Amazon trio is more goofy than scary. The funniest episode by far is Minako’s dating Hawk’s Eye and Tiger’s Eye at the same time, and also the episode when Mamoru has to stay at Rei’s Shrine.

Despite all the fun, Chibi-Usa being the centre of attention puts Sailor Moon, Mamoru and the scouts in the background, sparking some controversy among fans who are not very fond of Chibi-Usa.

The scouts also have their own episodes and all the interactions between the group are there, but at the moment of battle they are not important. And since the outer scouts have left, we can only concentrate on Chibi-Usa’s growth as a character and have to bear Usagi’s tantrums.

Madman brings Sailor Moon Super S part 1 in DVD, the extras include a brilliant TV special.

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