‘Sailor Moon S – The Movie’ Review

Thanks to our friends at Madman we got our hands on 1994’s ‘Sailor Moon S: The Movie’ in high quality Blu-ray just in time for Christmas.

Directed by Hiroki Shibata and based on Naoko Takeushi’s work, the film start with an evil alien Snow Queen arriving to Earth looking to conquer and add the planet to its collection of frozen landscapes. In order to cover the planet with snow and ice she needs to acquire a crystal who fell on Earth from the sky that is now on the hands of handsome astronomer Kakeru.

In the meantime, the girls are out on their Christmas break shopping with Luna and Artemis. Suddenly Luna starts feeling sick and decides to comeback home. In her way she collapses from fever and is saved by Kakeru who was walking pass.

Luna rapidly falls in love with Kakeru after being in his care for a few days. Sadly Luna’s first love already has a love interest, fellow astronomer Kimeko, who is about to fly to the moon in a mission. However, all changes when Kakeru starts feeling sick and pushes away Kimeko since the crystal he grabbed is absorbing this life force.

To make matters worse, when the Snow Queen goes after the crystal Kakeru confuses her with legendary Princess Kaguya from the Japanese folklore, a perfect opportunity for the evil invader to use that name and bring her servants to help her in her quest to freeze Tokyo and unleash chaos.

Earth’s only hope are now the sailor scouts who must combine forces with the outer space scouts decide to eradicate the treat using the legendary silver crystal in an epic battle.

The Sailor Moon S Movie, is mostly about Luna’s first love than the Snow Queen invading The Earth. The movie deepens the bond between Usagi and Luna as she confesses her feelings for Kakeru giving the sensation of a mature Usagi who will just shelter Luna’s feelings. On the the other side the few battles between the scouts and the Snow Queen are really well executed with brilliant colours and gorgeous winter settings.

Sadly, the film lacks the action and comedy of previous releases, but still is a heartwarming film that show more about Luna than meets the eye.

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