‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ Set 2 Review

The second installment of Sailor Moon Crystal is finally here! It’s comprised of episodes 15 through 26 starting from ‘Sailor Moon S’ and the first appearance of Chibi-usa to the end of the Black Moon Saga and her return to 30th Century Crystal Tokyo.

In this season ‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ tries hard to add some humour. The super-deformed characters that we used to see in almost every episode of the original series feel out of place in this new take. Despite trying its best, and just like the first season, the animation feels stiff. The story feels rushed and it makes it hard to connect with the main characters.

On the bright side, Tuxedo mask and the sailor scouts seem to have a wider range of emotions and better attacks, adding some excitement into the fights. Better yet, Chibi-usa is less annoying than the original. Here, she is represented as a fragile but strong-willed little girl and not just Usagi’s comedic counterpart. The jealousy that Usagi feels from Chibi-Usa and Mamoru plays a small role making it less creepy than the original series.

The costumes and cities are very detailed and it’s visually beautiful. Princess Serenity looks gorgeous and mature in the 30th century, making a great impression.

Overall ‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ has ups and downs but it’s always good to see a new perspective in the story of our beloved Sailor Scouts.

Madman brings ‘Sailor Moon Crystal Set 2’ to Australia on DVD and Blu-ray. The extras include textless opening and ending songs. Get your copy here.