‘Recovery of an MMO Junkie’ Review

Thanks to Madman we had the chance to watch ‘Recovery of an MMO junkie’ (Neto-juu no Susume) on a DVD/Blu-ray/Digital combo.

‘Recovery of an MMO junkie’ is a refreshing anime that, for once, is not fixated on teenagers or school girls but on young adults who already have to deal with jobs and all the other mundanities of life.

One day, Moriko Morikawa, a 30 year-old woman decides to quit her successful career to become an elite NEET (a person who is Not in Employment, Education or Training).

Tired of the tedious routine of her job, she tries to find happiness by going back to her youth spent as a full-time online gamer. She quickly finds a popular game, ‘Fruits de Mer’, a popular MMORPG, where she creates a male character named ‘Hayashi’.

In the game, Hayashi joins forces with a female avatar ‘Lily’ who shows him how to play. They Quickly become best buddies and form intimate relationships with a close group of companions. Moriko, who is now living this perfect online life, doesn’t know that her personal life will become inextricably bound with her online addiction.

Moriko (who suffers from social anxiety) creates a cheerful online persona that opens up to others easily, asking for advice to solve her issues. When her online life becomes complicated or she doesn’t know how to react, she usually disconnects and runs to her closest convenient store to think and get supplies.

Moriko is an excellent and highly relatable character. She is funny, sincere and awkward and she is the one who makes the series fun to watch. There’s a satisfying amount of comedy and romance and plenty of likeable characters. It’s highly enjoyable and we recommend you give it a look.

Madman brings ‘Recovery of an MMO junkie’ to Australia in DVD/Blu-ray/Digital combo. Get your copy here.