‘Record of Grancrest War’ Vol. 1 Review

Thanks to Madman we watched the first twelve episodes of the epic fantasy animated series Record of Grancrest War on Blu-ray.

Record of Grancrest War is set in a world where Chaos reigns and only lords can stop it using the power of Crests. However, instead of attempting to end the chaos, the powerful lords choose to fight each other to take the Crests for the sole purpose of having control over everyone. The only hope for the world is young Silica, who joins forces with knight Theo in order to assemble an army to unify the crests and end Chaos once for all.

Record of Grancrest War series feel like a fantasy JRPG game, with decent sword fights, magic and stunning animation. However, these are just not enough to fully engage you due to the very slowly developing story and the excessive political conflicts that at times become quite confusing. There is just so much going on in the twelve episodes that sometimes you feel the need to stop and try to piece together what’s going on. Thankfully the battles and the romantic scenes help to soften up the plot a bit.

Overall, Record of Grancrest War is a series for JRPG fans, or lovers of games like Dungeons & Dragons. It has great action, but just too many unnecessary political speeches and events for our taste.

Record of Grancrest War is now available on Blu-Ray. Get your copy here.