‘Overlord’ Complete Series Review

Thanks to Madman we got to watch the entire series of Overlord on DVD.

When the most popular online RPG game is set to go offline, a die-hard player immerses himself in the virtual world, living through the eyes of his gaming character Lord Momonga, the mightiest in the electronic kingdom.

Overlord could have been a solid release as the plot is quite clever mixing gaming, fantasy, magic and epic battles. However, the series has a very slow narrative, with some episodes merely endless talking.

In addition, the design of the main character feels unoriginal, as the mighty Skull-Faced Momonga, looks like many other iconic characters and it feels like a Skeletor (MotU) rip-off. What’s more, Overlord adds random sexual nonsense along the way that doesn’t contribute anything to the story, making everything feel forced.

On the good side, the secondary characters are beautifully designed and the battle sequences have some great gory moments. There are also some well-made touches of 3D animation.

Overall? It’s a very pretentious series that might amuse some RPG aficionados, as long as they don’t expect to see an anime-version of Final Fantasy. Overlord is far from that.

Overlord is now available from Madman. Get your copy here.