‘Ninja Slayer’ Complete Series Review

Thanks to Madman, we got a chance to see Ninja Slayer on DVD.

This very peculiar series follow a ninja whose soul is possessed with a spirit full of rage after the death of his family, giving him the power to take revenge.

After the success of Kill-La Kill, there were high expectations for Studio Trigger’s new release. Ninja Slayer was a series promising blood and non-stop ninja action. However, what could have been a hit sadly fails miserably as viewers are given confusing and primitive 2D animation that makes Adult Swim look like Pixar.

The animation is so painfully basic that it feels like a joke, and at times taunts the viewer by showing really good (but extremely short) sequences of proper animation. This is frustrating, especially because the story bounces from plot to plot.

Overall, Ninja Slayer is an absolute mess, whose only plus is the beautiful artwork. What were you thinking, Studio Trigger?

Ninja Slayer is now available from Madman. Get your copy here.