‘My Girlfriend is Shobitch’ Review

Thanks to Madman we got to see the complete series of “My Girlfriend is Shobitch” on Blu-ray.

When Haruka declares his feelings to his beautiful classmate Akiho, he’s not expecting to get a “yes” for an answer. But beneath Akiho’s perfect scores and school life there’s an emotionally detached attitude making her approach their relationship as if she was researching for a book about sex, making every date between them extremely awkward.

“My Girlfriend is Shobitch” has the potential to be a new harem-type comedy classic, as the characters are likeable, the animation is beautifully crafted and it features some fun hilarious moments. Sadly, all that potential gets lost under an excessive and at times unnecessary volume of of sexual jokes.

What is frustrating is that even the secondary characters, including Haruka’s little sister (enter big brother crush sub-plot here), a transfer student and his childhood friend also talk in sexual terms most of the time, making everything so over the top that it leaves one annoyed and tired. What is more, what the series doesn’t understand is that the best jokes are the simple ones involving the naive views of the lead characters. One wants a normal relation and occasionally daydreams about adult matters, while the other only wants to be the perfect girlfriend under the false impression that men only want sex.

The Blu-ray includes all 10 episodes + an OVA as well as the classic clean opening and closing songs, promos, previews and a character commentary with more dirty jokes (why?!).

“My Girlfriend is Shobitch” is out now from Madman. Get your copy here.